32. International Congress of the Old-Catholic Church in Vienna, Sept 20 – 23, 2018

Youth-Congress IOCYC - 2018 Vienna                                              IOCYC - 2018 Vienna

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Christian people in dialog for an open society.

An open society on the basis of the Declaration of Human Rights is an archetype of a united community. All Christians in ecomenic solidarity together with members of other religious affiliations or people without any religious background should be able to stand up for it.

„Living an open society“ – - opens the issue of responsibility for religious people of all denominations for cultural and sociological changes. Religious movements always import mental, ethical and spiritual imputs into a society and therefore are in a constant interdependency with  social welfare, politics and economies as well as with different lobbying parties. What ist our vision for a promising world for everybody? What is it definitely not? How will we design and form the future actively?

The International Congress of the Old-Catholic Church in Vienna 2018 is a platform for encounter and conversation and includes multiple occasions for debates relating the future realisation of open societies. Open discussions and workshops will offer a broad spectrum of relevant topics such as inclusion, diversity, social justice, fair trading and economically sustainable consuming, mental health and coping with fears regarding this rapidely changing world.

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Deadline for registration 21st of August, 2018

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